Being Brazen

Brazen: (adj.) acting in a very open and shocking way without shame or embarrassment; (verb) to make bold.

Our values add value

We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial culture; you're encouraged to propose ambitious ideas and take an action-oriented approach to bringing them to fruition. Our team operate under the belief that the true value of a product or service is as dependent on the behavior and integrity of the providers as it is upon the bottom line.

Brazen Group is committed to corporate social responsibility and helping to improve the quality of life for our stakeholders as we sustain our environmental part of our business, that's why we are constantly striving to inspire our employees, partners, and customers to embody our core values of being:

I’m Brendan - known as “B”. I find my meaning of life in adventure, and being an entrepreneur allows for exploration beyond existing boundaries. In both my personal journey and professional experience, I’ve seen the potential of entrepreneurship as a vehicle for incredible, hopeful change. To me, being brazen is boldly persevering when pursuing the ‘impossible” and that is why I started Brazen Group.
— Brendan Heyck, Founder & CEO