About Brazen Group


Our Mission

To provide value and profit for our stakeholders through positive and sustainable impacts on our communities

The Vision

Socially responsible companies in collaboration to passionately solve big problems


I’m Brendan - known as “B”. I find my meaning of life in adventure, and being an entrepreneur allows for exploration beyond existing boundaries. In both my personal journey and professional experience, I’ve seen the potential of entrepreneurship as a vehicle for incredible, hopeful change. To me, being brazen is boldly persevering when pursuing the ‘impossible” and that is why I started Brazen Group.
— Brendan 'B' Heyck, Founder & CEO of Brazen Group

How We’re Organized

While Brazen Group is comprised of multiple Companies, we are united through our sharing of fundamental resources. Our Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, and Finances Departments work with all our companies, product and service Delivery Departments are distinct, and our leadership and strategy teams are committed to developing both individual company goals as well as collaborative efforts.

Our Workplace Culture

While we believe in providing our clients’ with exceptional service, we don’t believe that its necessary to sacrifice the well-being of our team to do so. All Brazen Group team members work remotely, allowing them the freedom to work anywhere in the world at any time. We utilize various technologies to work virtually alongside one another on a daily basis, and organize frequent in-person meet-ups for our New York City based individuals.

Brazen Group Team Members also have the benefit of flexible working hours. We understand that not everyone thrives from 9 to 5, and care more about each individual’s ability to work passionately and effectively than we do about setting a schedule. The Brazen Group Team operates on a high level of trust and respect, where everyone is willing to do their part to meet deadlines, mastermind solutions, and improve our overall workflow and processes.

Brazen Group ultimately believes in collaboration over competition, and is constantly striving to build a dynamic, highly engaged team. Given that we have individuals working around the globe, we take the opportunity to come together once a year during our Corporate Retreat, with the goal of not only strengthening our connections with one another, but also cultivating inspiration to grow and better our companies.

A Call(Ing) For Change Agents

Every day, we see corporations focused solely on revenue endlessly pushing consumption, despite the growing social and environmental impact it brings. We also see talented, passionate leaders working for soulless companies, trapped in the daily grind.

If you’re ready for a change and to be part of a company founded on social and environmental values, we want to hear from you. Our team members and our clients alike are dedicated to making meaningful contributions - are you ready to join us? Break free with the button below.