We’re Your Salesforce Consultants for Project Success

If you haven’t already caught on, we’re Brazen in wanting to get to know our clients.

That said, we don’t “land” clients; we begin a transparent and helpful relationship designed to lead to your success. We address questions on timelines, responsibilities, and how it will all work for your business so your Salesforce consultant can customize a plan unique to your needs.

Our Process

We take the term “Salesforce Partner” seriously, making sure you have all the answers and appropriate expectations from the start. Our process includes:

  • Discovery call. We establish a general picture of your business and its pain points in trying to improve your workflow and client relationships.
  • Understanding your requirements. We gather your “stories,” which are the various needs you’ve identified, scenarios that you’d like to either avoid or improve upon, or positive experiences that you’d like more of.

  • Initial estimate. Once our team reviews with yours, we’ll develop a plan and estimate to implement, customize, and teach the new practices and strategies in a way that focuses on sustainable, consistent growth.

  • Prioritizing your needs. We maximize the impact of the project and “right-size” any project to meet your budget by assessing what needs to happen immediately and what things we can work on later in the timeline.  

  • Project planning and kickoff. With your priorities set, we create a project plan, including the schedule, roles and responsibilities. Although agile software implementation is a familiar process for us- we make sure your team are comfortable and informed throughout.

Salesforce1 & Salesforce Communities: our implementations in action

Salesforce has a host of applications, tools and features that take your capabilities out from behind the desk, keep you in contact with your customers and measure your success.

  • Salesforce1 - Smartphone & tablet optimized applications, which keep your employees in touch, even in the field
  • Salesforce Communities - self-help service & knowledge portals for customers & partners
  • Reporting - gain access and insight from sales data, identify trends
  • Case management - track your contacts with customers, plan communications

Beyond Implementation…What Salesforce Support can do for you

We provide remote Salesforce support staff to start or supplement your internal capability...learn more about what our Certified Salesforce Administrators, Business Analysts, Developers and Project Managers can help you achieve after you’ve successfully integrated your customized Salesforce platform.