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Key Points:

Founded in January, 2015

Started and run without external capital (Bootstrapped)


About the Brazen Group Portfolio: The Brazen Group are social entrepreneurs focused on two key principles: a bold vision, and thoughtful organization designed not only to be financially successful, but to impact our communities in positive and sustainable ways. We work differently, on purpose.

With the acquisition of InnoVisionary Consulting’s clients and leadership, the Brazen Group looks forward to continued growth and new offerings for renewable energy clients over the coming year.


Brendan "B" Heyck

Founder & CEO

Interview Topics:

Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility, Bootstrap Business Models, Location-Independent Businesses, Alternative Incentives for Employees/Creative Compensation, Digital Nomads, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Photovoltaics

Professional Speaking Experience:

Salesforce's Dreamforce Conference, NYC Solar Summit, URI Leadership Retreats

Company Testimonial:

Project Purpose: Migrate New York State agency rebate management to Salesforce

Role: Project Management

Background: This is an excerpt of a letter received by our customer from a national company (one of hundreds) who uses the government agency's incentive rebate portal for each individual residential and commercial solar rebate application (thousands of interactions annually).

"We cannot express enough appreciation for the work that has been put into revolutionizing their application process.The new Salesforce portal is a pioneering effort not only across rebate programs, but utilities as well.

The transition to Salesforce has improved our workflows and overall customer experience in the Northeast. Discussing process and system improvements during the initial launch was smooth and resulted in changes that have dramatically improved our efficiency, ultimately moving our customers more quickly towards the benefits of Solar Service.

With the recent change from to Salesforce, this process has become one of, if not the most, efficient rebate program of the 11 that we participates in nationally:

● Rebate application administration time moved from 14 minutes to 4 minutes.

● Invoice administration timelines improved from 12 minutes to 2 minutes.

We look forward to continuing our success in 2017. Our effort to run the planet on the sun would be much more difficult without your partnership and we are honored to be one of your many happy collaborators."

Leadership Endorsement:

From David Sandbank, Director of NY-Sun at New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)

"Brendan has the personality, professionalism, and strong skill set which make this recommendation easy to write. I have worked with Brendan over the last 4 years and can confidently say he is a great asset to the solar industry. Brendan has the technical skills as well as a big picture, strategic approach to help companies operate at maximized efficiency."