The Brazen Group are social entrepreneurs focused on two key principles: a bold vision, and thoughtful organization designed not only to be financially successful, but to impact our communities in positive and sustainable ways. We work differently, on purpose.


Social Entrepreneurship Strengthened By Our Diversification

Salesforce Consulting

Your Salesforce Partner in Solar innovations

  • Designing, Managing and Implementing end-to-end Salesforce for clean energy organizations
  • Optimizing client’s existing business processes, adoption, and results
  • Providing Salesforce support services for continued growth

Salesforce Apps

Creating Applications for Clean Energy Experts

  • Providing pre-built software based on Salesforce & Solar Industry best practices
  • Building accessible tools for sales and operations teams
  • Focusing on simplicity & effectiveness to help you scale growth

CEO's Thoughts

  B.   CEO of Brazen Group

B.   CEO of Brazen Group

Hello, I’m Brendan Heyck - friends call me “B”. I find my meaning of life in adventure, and being an entrepreneur allows for exploration beyond existing boundaries. In both my personal journey and professional experience, I’ve seen the potential of entrepreneurship as a vehicle for incredible, hopeful change by allowing leaders to break corporate molds and shake up the status quo. Being brazen is boldly persevering when pursuing the “impossible." That is why I started Brazen Group, and am committed it to being one of the most innovative companies our clients will work with:

What will you discover is possible when you live and work brazenly?

Let’s engage, move beyond the one-way communication of websites by choosing your favorite platform and share your thoughts! Tell us where you find meaning, what inspires you, what impact you want to make, what you want to learn about, and on which direction we should focus our social entrepreneurship.