Company Details

Our vision is socially responsible companies in collaboration to passionately solve big problems!

Brazen Group's purpose is to provide value and profit for our stakeholders through positive and sustainable impacts on our communities.

We empower others by doing what we do best

Brazen Group is a leader in socially responsible business with expertise in Salesforce technology consulting and app development. The firm has successfully delivered over 100 projects and has nearly a decade of experience with the Salesforce platform.

Meet the core team


Brendan Heyck

Nickname: B

Role: CEO

Capability Highlights: Leadership, Technologist, Program / Project manager

Passions: Travelling, Motorsports (Auto, Moto, Aero), Tennis

Values: Conscious, Engaging, Enterprising, Contributive, Adaptable, Progressive

Impact & Actions: Kiva Global Entrepreneur Micro-Loans, SEIA Member, NYSEIA Member, American Solar Energy Society Member, NYS Business Council Member

Representative Apex Animal: Lion

Life Lesson Learned: There are a few that Deliver

Theme Song on the Brazen Album: Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix)



Ryan Schevis

Nickname: Schevis

Role: Continuous Improvement Manager / Executive Projects Manager

Capability Highlights: Process Optimization, Project Management, Global Supply Chain, Forecasting & Scheduling, Leadership

Passions: Flight & Aerospace

Values: Enthusiasm, Optimism, Inspiration, Resiliency, Intellectual Growth

Impacts: Positivity, Sustainability Evangelist

Representative Apex Animal: White Tailed Eagle

Theme Song on the Brazen Album: "Whole Heart" by Gryffin & Bipolar Sunshine or "Walking With Lions" by Codeko


Colby Bridges

Nickname: Colbs

Role: Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Tech Lead

Capability Highlights: Technical Implementation, Solution Research

Passions: Traveling , Health & Well-being, Surfing, Helping Others

Values: Authenticity, Balance, Focus, Inner Well Being, & Adventure

Impacts: Practicing Minimalist, Beach Clean Ups, Coral Restoration Project (Fiji)

Representative Apex Animal:  White Wolf

Theme Song on the Brazen Album: "Lebanese Blonde" by Thievery Corporation


A call(ing) for change agents

Every day, we see corporations focused solely on revenue endlessly pushing consumption, despite the growing social and environmental impact it brings. We also see talented, passionate leaders working for soulless companies, trapped in the daily grind.

If you’re ready for a change and to be part of a company founded on social and environmental values, we want to hear from you. Our team members and our clients alike are dedicated to making meaningful contributions - are you ready to join us? Break free with the button below.