We empower others by doing what we do best

Brazen Group is a leader in socially responsible business with expertise in Salesforce technology consulting and app development. The firm has successfully delivered over 100 projects and has nearly a decade of experience with the Salesforce platform.

Meet the core team


Brendan Heyck

Nickname: B

Role: CEO

Capability Highlights: Leadership, Technologist, Program / Project manager

Passions: Travelling, Motorsports (Auto, Moto, Aero), Tennis

Values: Conscious, Engaging, Enterprising, Contributive, Adaptable, Progressive

Impact & Actions: Kiva Global Entrepreneur Micro-Loans, SEIA Member, NYSEIA Member, American Solar Energy Society Member, NYS Business Council Member

Representative Apex Animal: Lion

Life Lesson Learned: There are a few that Deliver

Theme Song on the Brazen Album: Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix)



Ryan Schevis

Nickname: Schevis

Role: Continuous Improvement Manager / Executive Projects Manager

Capability Highlights: Process Optimization, Project Management, Global Supply Chain, Forecasting & Scheduling, Leadership

Passions: Flight & Aerospace

Values: Enthusiasm, Optimism, Inspiration, Resiliency, Intellectual Growth

Impacts: Positivity, Sustainability Evangelist

Representative Apex Animal: White Tailed Eagle

Theme Song on the Brazen Album: "Whole Heart" by Gryffin & Bipolar Sunshine or "Walking With Lions" by Codeko


Colby Bridges

Nickname: Colbs

Role: Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Tech Lead

Capability Highlights: Technical Implementation, Solution Research

Passions: Traveling , Health & Well-being, Surfing, Helping Others

Values: Authenticity, Balance, Focus, Inner Well Being, & Adventure

Impacts: Practicing Minimalist, Beach Clean Ups, Coral Restoration Project (Fiji)

Representative Apex Animal:  White Wolf

Theme Song on the Brazen Album: "Lebanese Blonde" by Thievery Corporation