Make Technology an Asset, Not a Hindrance

We make high-tech accessible and effective for your team

Brazen Consulting specializes in developing custom Salesforce solutions for our renewable energy partners, from helping to automate manual processes to revamping your data entry and prospecting. The diverse experience of our team in the energy sector allows us to implement industry best practices for your team while making the extensive capabilities of the Salesforce platform accessible and easy to use.

Brazen Consulting is at the forefront of helping organizations realize their potential. Our strategists work with partners to develop ways to realign your business practices, internal processes and routines in order to achieve a lasting and meaningful business transformation. Whether your goal is increasing sales, decreasing time spent on tech needs, or just better connecting with your customers, we’ll help develop new, simple, and high-tech solutions for your team.



What Can a Brazen Team do for You?

"How do we begin? How long will it take? Who has to be involved?"

We answer those questions during the start of our partnership. Once we establish the scope of your goals, our team will work with yours to establish a budget and timeline for success.  Our certified consultants and expert developers have successfully been through this process many times, and as your partners, we'll make sure you have all the answers and appropriate expectations from the start. We believe in friendly, transparent and helpful relationships, and always go above and beyond to make sure your benefits far outweigh all costs.



What is different about brazen Consulting?

You're a partner, not just a client

At Brazen Consulting, we realize the importance of having a relationship with our customers built on trust - at the core of our relationship needs to be the understanding that you can trust us to have your best interests at heart. That’s why we give you a team of Salesforce experts who are accountable for strategizing a roadmap that gives you a competitive edge by pushing the boundaries of impossibility.  We set - and keep - goals and key performance indicators to hold ourselves accountable for your success.

Brazen Consulting specializes in renewable energy partners, because we passionate believe solar and wind are the key to a better, sustainable future. Our team loves to connect with other businesses who share that belief and help them expand in the rapidly growing field. With our unmatched industry experience, there are no limits for what we can achieve for your business.



Why Brazen?

Because we set your team up for success

Successfully introducing or optimizing Salesforce requires the coming together of experience, technological expertise and a complete understanding of your company’s existing systems and practices, as well as what has and hasn’t worked in the past. Our Salesforce experts work with your team to assemble that information and apply it to the challenges and goals of your business to develop a path towards successful adoption. Once our team reviews with yours, we’ll develop a plan to implement, customize, and teach the new practices and strategies in a way that focuses on sustainable, consistent growth.