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From Business Model to Social Enterprise

We work differently, on purpose

Each Brazen Group company is based on two key principles: a bold vision, and thoughtful organization designed not only to be financially successful, but to impact our communities in positive and sustainable ways. From company origin to operation, all decisions are made to positively impact our stakeholders financially and, just as importantly, improve their quality of life.



Brazen Consulting

  • Developing custom-designed Salesforce solutions and assistance for businesses committed to sustainable energy development.

  • Creating partnerships to help clients optimize their existing processes, create new ones, and teach their teams how to maximize results.


Brazen Software

  • We provide and help companies learn to use approachable, high-value solar sales and operational products to help lower barriers to renewable energy adoption.

  • We take an active role in political fundraising to loosen the anti-renewable industry’s hold on candidates and democratize the political process.

A Call(ing) for Change Agents


Every day, we see corporations focused solely on revenue endlessly pushing consumption, despite the growing social and environmental impact it brings. We also see talented, passionate leaders working for soulless companies, trapped in the daily grind.

If you’re ready for a change and to be part of a company founded on social and environmental values, we want to hear from you. Our team members and our clients alike are dedicated to making meaningful contributions - are you ready to join us? Break free with the button below.


Values add Value


We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial culture; you're encouraged to propose ambitious ideas and take an action-oriented approach to bringing them to fruition. Our team operate under the belief that the true value of a product or service is as dependent on the behavior and integrity of the providers as it is upon the bottom line.

Brazen Group is committed to corporate social responsibility and helping to improve the quality of life for our stakeholders as we sustain our environmental part of our business, that's why we are constantly striving to inspire our employees, partners, and customers to embody our core values of being:


CEO's thoughtS


I’m Brendan Heyck - friends call me “B”. I find my meaning of life in adventure, and being an entrepreneur allows for exploration beyond existing boundaries. In both my personal journey and professional experience, I’ve seen the potential of entrepreneurship as a vehicle for incredible, hopeful change by allowing leaders to break corporate molds and shake up the status quo. Being brazen is boldly persevering when pursuing the 'impossible" and that is why I started Brazen Group.

What will you discover is possible when you live and work brazenly?

B.   CEO of Brazen Group