Case Study: NY State Government Client

The Brazen Group just wrapped up a huge project with a major statewide client and the results are already astounding and have exceeded their expectations. From improving staffing efficiency to making life easier on clients, the program is already a success.

This client came to Brazen Group with a large task at hand: they wanted not only to improve the technology behind their operation, but also to completely redesign their entire program with the ultimate goal of becoming a clear leader in the solar industry.  After allowing our team to come work with them for several months, our client realized the following impressive results.

Staff Efficiency: Before our partnership began, the client had nice staff members dedicated to running the client’s tracking and outreach programs, many of whom spent the majority of their day putting out fires and managing their internal systems. Since Brazen Group’s implementation of Salesforce, fewer staff are needed to keep the internal systems running and now, staff time is spent on tasks that add value, like customer research and quality control.

Invoicing Improvements: Thanks to automating the process, invoice lag has gone from a two to three week turnaround time to being done in under a week. Invoice processing time was literally cut in half, saving 100 hours of staff time every month. And on top of that, administrative invoice time slashed from twelve to two minutes per invoice, saving another 200 hours a month of time.

Relationship Automation: By allowing Brazen Group to customize a Salesforce solution, the client was able to automate the process for approvals - saving more than three to six WEEKS per project.  We also helped the client build dashboards and automatic reporting, both saving time for staff and creating self-serve platforms for contractor and client partners.  Importantly, we also introduced automated notifications to our client like approval and modification emails, project deadline notifications and incentive emails. Prior to hiring Brazen Group, all of these items were done by hand. By automating them, our client has both saved staff time and significantly reduced the likelihood of human error.

We’re extremely happy for our client and very proud of the work they’ve accomplished. As always, we’ll continue to be a partner and resource to them in the future. We look forward to sharing more positive results in the future as they advance their goal of becoming a national leader in the solar industry.

From all of us here at the Brazen Group, congratulations!